The Barn Summer 2015 Application is closed.
We'll be in touch!

We want people who can bring it.

We love mavericks, do'ers, thinkers, the positive ones, the hungry ones, the ones who get psyched by brands, culture and communication and can work collaboratively. We aren't necessarily looking for typical advertising types; rather in each team we try to have a creative-type, a thinker-type and a digital-tinkerer-type. Lifestage-wise, we're looking for typical intern candidates: college students or those recently out of school.

Want to know more?

The next generation of the Barn will commence on June 8th and run until August 7th. Or until the wheels fall off. We pay $350 per week. We don't cover moving, housing, food, or speeding tickets. We're accepting six applicants. We can only accept US citizens or those who are already independently authorized to work in the US. Once more, because we've broken hearts this way before: US citizens or applicants who are already authorized to work in the US. That's it, folks. The application deadline is April 24th, 2015 at 5pm PST.